Become a patron of the Château de Bourron

We are delighted to announce that on 23rd December 2011, we signed a sponsorship agreement with the “Demeure Historique,” a State-approved, non-profit organization.


This agreement allows patrons to offer donations in excess of €500. The Demeure Historique has already verified that the project meets “public interest” requirements and will pay contractors directly using donations received.
• What you should know about this restoration project:
The property attracts a broad audience: more than 15,000 people pass through the Château de Bourron estate!
• The restoration project is a “supervised” project, recognised to be of “public interest,” by the “Demeure Historique” group.
• You should make your payment directly to the Demeure Historique. The Association is a state-approved, non-profit organization. It has already checked that the project meets “public interest” requirements and will pay contractors directly.
• An important ethical incentive: the association seeks to protect and promote the heritage and traditions preserved and passed on by a family owned business.In other words: It’s about “sustainable development”: your clients are sure to share this vision and appreciate your commitment.
• A strong financial incentive: all told, your donation will only cost you 15% of the total sum donated – you can claim 60% relief against corporation tax and you can receive 25% as payment in kind from the château (seminars, receptions, accommodation etc.). All of which means, you can conduct a corporate marketing campaign for a relatively modest sum of money.
“This project invites patrons to share their passion for this ancient château and ensure its continued survival by helping realize this ambitious cultural project.”
Estrella de CORDON, Owner

Projects currently underway in Château de Bourron

Legal strategy

A legal scheme that benefits you and our heritage!

Patronage to preserve public monuments is common practice but, until recently, such a system did not extend to privately-owned monuments. The 2007 Finance Act authorised the public patronage of privately-owned monuments. Companies can now claim 60% of their donation* in relief against corporation tax (article 238a of the General Tax Code). A building that receives donations from patrons may offer payment in kind equivalent to 25% of the sum donated (in the form of seminars, accommodation, receptions etc.) In other words, for 15% of the allocated sum, you can establish a genuine partnership with the Château de Bourron, working on a project which is meaningful to your company.* Donations are capped at 0.5% of the company’s turnover (5 per thousand).

The commitments of the Château de Bourron meet the requirements of article 238a of the General Tax Code

The owner is personally committed to maintaining the château de Bourron for a period of 10 years and keeping it open for the public. We are open to visitors more than 60 days a year.

Your guarantees and tax receipt:

We have chosen the Demeure Historique for its competence and reliability. It is the only non-profit organization legally authorised to collect donations from patrons to help preserve private monuments. Your payment will go directly to the association who will send you the relevant tax receipt and pay the contractors directly. These checks provide evidence of credibility and commitment for your shareholders and business associates. La Demeure Historique: Hôtel de Nesmond /57 quai de la Tournelle/75005 ParisRQ: For donations in kind or skill-based donations, the tax receipt issued will correspond to the inventory value of materials donated or the cost price of services provided. 

Your donation entitles you to membership of the Patrons’ Club

The Château de Bourron wishes to express its special thanks to all its patrons.

We look forward to accompanying you on this journey and invite you to follow the progress of the work – You’ll be invited to join the Château de Bourron’s Patrons’ Club – You’ll be welcomed personally by the owners who will show you how the works are progressing and tell you about the history of the place – We also hope to establish an exclusive relationship between your company and our château, providing services and facilities that will match your requirements. (Up to a value of 25% of your donation!)

– This may be in the form of organising a seminar for your company, hosting your clients in our home or even a festive event in our magnificent reception rooms. You will receive a tax receipt which means you can claim up to 60% of your donation in relief against corporation tax.

The château de Bourron is an iconic, symbolic and captivating place! It’s one of the few remaining ,17th century, private châteaus in Ile de France which is still owned and inhabited by the original family! In the 21st century, in a fast-moving world where the focus is on short term gains, it’s unusual to find a place where time stands still, or discover a meaningful, life project that spans the generations and respects traditional architectural and cultural techniques… Except, perhaps at Château de Bourron. We notice this every day when we welcome guests to our home; it’s an and approach that reassures, soothes and commands respect….and it still exists today.