A family's spirit

« The Castle of Bourron is a family residence and a charming castle hotel near Paris. In fact, my wife and I have embarked upon a great venture: to host guests in our home.

It took over ten years to restore wainscotings, electrical circuits, chimneys, heating and air-conditioning systems in some of the rooms. We paid great attention to detail in bathrooms by restoring all the former iron bathtubs, down to every last detail including the valves and installing Italian showers. We even dared fixing a hydro-massage bathtub for our guests’ relaxation and comfort.
Moreover, the decoration of each room is also a real feat that was achieved with a natural style by my wife, Estrella. When you live in a location and are closely linked to it, you strive to decorate and recover it; and with that, original spirit of the place becomes revived. It was dear to my wife to preserve the spirit of each room and every famous figure who influenced this residence. »

Guy de Cordon, Owner